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There's nothing quite as exciting as stepping into a beautiful vehicle whose gleam sparkles both inside and outside. This feeling is what we hope to offer you every time you drop off your automobile for our car detailing services! 

At Elhart Automotive Campus, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything related to your car, truck, or SUV in Holland, MI. We offer a gigantic selection of new and used vehicles across our five dealerships: 

  • Genesis 

  • GMC 

  • Hyundai 

  • Kia 

  • Nissan 

However, our goal isn't just to sell you your new car, it's to make the process as easier as possible. That's why we offer you the ability to get a quote for your trade-in right from our website. Our website also allows you to apply for financing, request to view a car, or make an appointment at our collision or car detail center. We work with customers with various budgets, so our team is always prepared to work with you and help find the vehicle or service you need. 

Get Your Car Back into Tip Top Shape 

Getting your car, truck, or SUV detailed at Elhart Automotive Campus in Holland is easy and affordable. We offer several detailing packages that range from basic yet in-depth to above and beyond. If you need custom detailing services, just make sure to ask, and we'll be happy to see how we can help! 

At our most basic level, we offer our Express Detail Package starting at $59.95. When you purchase this package, your vehicle will receive an application of foam decontamination, hand wash and dry, and interior surface vacuuming, among other services. This is an excellent purchase for anyone who needs a quick clean of their car's interior and exterior at a very reasonable price. 

At our most high-end level, we offer the Ceramic Paint Protection Package. This package gives your vehicle's exterior an advanced ceramic coating that protects against water, bird droppings, and scratches. You'll also enhance the automobile's visual appeal due to the ceramic coating's mirror-like finish.  

Perhaps our best overall value is our Full Vehicle Detail Platinum Package. This includes our interior and exterior detailing packages and throws in a clay bar paint treatment and engine bay detailing. You'll find the package to be worth it, due to the deep cleaning of your car's windows, interior surfaces, and paint job. 

Regardless of which detailing package you purchase, you can rest assured your vehicle will be left in good hands. Our team of detailers goes deep to ensure that the final result meets our high standards before we consider our job complete. 

Car Detailing at Elhart Automotive Campus in Holland, MI 

If you don't take proper care of your vehicle, it's easy for it to quickly transform from the car of your dreams to one of your nightmares. So, make sure your car is always clean, protected, and beautiful with our detailing services. Our variety of packages makes it easier than ever to get the cleaning you need at an affordable price. 

While the detailing process is quick and efficient, we understand that you may have places you need to be in the meantime. So, we also offer a car rental service to our customers so they can get where they need to go! 

To get your car, truck, or SUV detailed, make an appointment with our Michigan detail center today. Contact us online, or call us at 888-617-8632, and we'll slot you into an open space. 

Express Detail Package

Price Starting At $120

  • Hand wash & dry
  • Clean door jams & trim
  • Clean dashboard, consoles & cupholders
  • Vacuum all interior floors and seats
  • Clean all wheels and wheel wells
  • Tire shine
  • Foam decontamination application
  • TEC582 - 3 month ceramic spray application
  • Vacuum interior surfaces
  • Wipe down dash & interior trim
  • Clean all interior/exterior windows

Exterior Package

Price Starting At $195
  • Hand wash & dry
  • Foam decontamination application
  • Clean & polish rims/wheels
  • Dress tires
  • 3 stage paint correction (buff/polish/seal)
  • Clean, dress and polish rims/wheels
  • Clean windows (interior & exterior)

Interior Protection Package
Price Starting At $195
  • Vacuum all interior surfaces
  • Hot steam extraction of all carpets & fabric
  • Clean, condition & dress interior vinyl or leather
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean all interior glass

Full Vehicle Detail Platinum Package
 Price Starting At $325
  • Hand wash & dry
  • Full interior vacuuming
  • Hot steam extraction of all carpets & fabric
  • Clean, condition & dress interior vinyl or leather
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean all glass
  • Foam decontamination application 3 stage paint correction (buff/polish/seal)
  • Clean wheel wells
  • Clean, dress & polish rims/wheels
  • Clay bar paint treatment

Ceramic Paint Protection Packages - SB3 Coatings of the most advanced coating systems for your vehicle. Some benefits of having a Ceramic coating:

  • No need to wax or seal your vehicle after the coating
  • Easier to wash and keep clean
  • Hydrophobic, meaning water and dirt repels very easily off the paints surface
  • Very resistant against bug etching, bird droppings and chemicals
  • Scratch resistant. Ceramic is not scratch proof, but does provide resistance to normal wash marring and swirl marks
  • Durability. By having a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you're locking in your vehicles appearance for the life of the coating
  • Everlasting shine! Along with the protection a ceramic coating offers, it does produce a mirror like finish to the paint




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