Elhart Automotive Campus provides a selection of Featured Inventory, representing new and popular items at competitive prices. Please take a moment to investigate these current highlighted models, hand-picked from our ever-changing inventories!
With decades of experience serving the Holland-area, Elhart Automotive Campus is here for your automobile purchasing needs and more! We offer five dealerships on one convenient campus, so you'll have a wide selection of premium, affordable, and reliable cars from which to choose. 

We're the ideal spot to start and end your car search because we care about your needs. In fact, we don't stop at just selling cars. We service, repair, and detail them, too. So, whatever your vehicle needs are, we're proud to be your preferred seller, buyer, and servicer. 

Since 1965, we've worked hard to earn your repeat business. We get a true sense of delight when we help someone purchase their first car and then return with their child to experience the pride of automobile ownership.  

Helping to Pick The Best Vehicles For You

There can be a lot of anxieties when it comes to purchasing a car. You may be used to high-pressure sales situations where you can't tell if the salesperson cares more about helping you or hitting their selling target. At Elhart, we want to ease those anxieties and prioritize the customer's needs. That's why our featured vehicles page includes all the information you need before you even step on campus. 

Our featured models change frequently but what doesn't change is the transparency we provide. You'll always see the listed MSRP and the Elhart discount we include on these vehicles. This allows you to know the price upfront instead of wasting time going back-and-forth in negotiations. 

When you look at our featured models page, you'll also see cars picked for you. We highlight these models due to their included features, price, and availability. 

We treat your budget with respect. That's why we make it easy to know what you can afford. When you use our New Car Payment Calculator, you can see the estimated monthly payment based on the vehicle's price, your expected down payment, estimated APR, and term length. When you plug these numbers into our calculator, you'll receive a clearer idea of whether an automobile fits into your budget. 

We also know that many people prefer to finance their purchases instead of paying in cash. So, we've made the finance application process a breeze with our online credit application. Simply input some basic information, such as name, address, and current employment, and you'll receive a quick answer as to the dollar amount for which you are approved. This makes car shopping a much simpler process, as there's no waiting at the dealership while we wait to receive your credit report and score. 

Of course, as part of the buying process, many people are looking to trade-in their current vehicle. The money received from the trade-in can be applied as a down payment or stored in a savings account, so you can receive interest while making monthly payments. To make the process simpler for our customers, we provide an online method of obtaining your current car's Kelley Blue Book trade-in value. All you have to do is provide some basic information about your vehicle, and the system will kick out a range of values that shows your vehicle's worth. We'll do a quick check on-campus to verify the information and then work with you to decide how you'd like to receive the funds from your trade-in.   

Why Choose Us

 Our mission at Elhart Automotive Campus is to make the vehicle purchase process as simple and anxiety-free as possible. We're not looking for a quick sale. Instead, we want to develop a long-term relationship with you to return whenever you need servicing or a new vehicle. 

Visit us today so we can help turn the car of your dreams into a reality. Our team is excited to serve you.